MakaMaka Beach Burger Review

MakaMaka Beach Burger is a restaurant that I took a visit to last weekend and found myself returning yesterday. The restaurant was full of good vibes, great service, and phenomenal food.

Hanging out by the beach and getting food/drinks is one of my favorite things to do in Barcelona, so a simple google search of ‘best restaurants near the beach’ quickly brought me to this cool spot. Walking up to the spot I instantly loved the atmosphere and the vibrant look of the restaurant.

MakaMaka does a great job with presenting their vibe to social media. Being a restaurant, Facebook and Instagram are their most active pages. They post great pictures of their food, drinks, great deals and whats going on at the restaurant. I believe they attract lots of Americans because they have many things in english, even on their instagram!

Facebook is a good social media account to have for restaurants because it allows people

 to review them, while also giving restaurant information to the public. Makamaka does a good job at posting pictures of thefood and special deals on facebook. If I never went to Makamaka I would still be interested in it because the reviews from random customers are all quite good. People are making comments such as “Great food” and “very nice place”.  Social media comes into a huge play when it comes to promoting restaurants. Many people look at reviews and make a decision as to whether or not they want to be a customer at the specific restaurant based off of other peoples commentary.  This allows communication between people as well causing them to bond through social media over the restaurant.

The restaurant has a section for videos of the restaurant on Facebook. Facebook is the most used social media so posting on here is key. The videos show people the fun vibe that the restaurant brings in full effect.

Makamaka does fun events that get people interested in the restaurant and making them want to take videos to post on youtube or other social media accounts. It being a fun area gets the word out more when people post entertaining videos. There was a flashmob at the restaurant and somebody recorded it and posted it on youtube. The video got thousands of views spreading the word about the fun area.

Posts like these on social media get people in the area, as well as tourists, intrigued and bring more service to the restaurant itself.

Makamaka is famous for its delicious drink menu, and of course the burger. The website that they provide gives you a rundown of the background of the restaurant, provides instant links to social media accounts, and of course a menu. The restaurant is quite the spot and does a great job at reeling people in.


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