The London Experience

After recently traveling to London, I have decided that it was my favorite city yet. And why you ask…. food duh! The food that i experienced was phenomenal. All of my trips have been exploring and traveling, which i did do a lot of, but the food aspect was definitely one of my favorite parts.

Getting to London later on Friday, after traveling all day of course food was the first thing to come to mind. Not having a reservation we sort of had to deal with what we could find. My friends and I luckily ended up getting a seat at the bar at a restaurant called The Fat Bear. I was astonished at the friendly service, the amazing drinks, the phenomenal food and the mouth watering dessert. 

I highly recommend trying the cool drinks, and SPECIFICALLY the gumbo. I have never had gumbo before and it was  the best meal I have yet to have abroad.

After doing some research on food reviews, many people agree with my opinion. Food critics tend to give their full on opinion about restaurants which can be harsh often but I did not read one complaint. Made good friends with the server as well who was working the bar, that he made himself. Great place and 10/10 would reccomend.

Dinner was not the only meal that I fell in love with. After coming across a place called the Urban Chocolatier, I fell in complete love. It was a bit out of the way from my hotel and the center, but definitely worth the walk I have always been a dessert person but this place blew all of the others out of the water.

I went at 11 at night and the restaurant was packed to the brim. I personally look to see if the restaurants have a lot of customers and believe that gives a clue as to how good the food is, popular wise. Of course there are scenarios in which some places are just more low key. The restaurant was a cool atmosphere, with great service and AMAZING deserts. In the picture you see a nutella waffle, a delicious peanut butter shake topped with a brownie, and of course some churros with chocolate.

If you like nutella, or just desserts in general, i would definitely recommend this restaurant.

The restaurant also provides uber eats which i thought was very cool. Not many dessert places offer transportation but this place is full of surprises!

I am a huge foodie and both of these restaurants were to die for! I love to travel and go on food tours so hopefully a post of that experience will be up shortly!



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