Valentí Sanjuan Review

I really enjoyed our guest speaker Valentí Sanjuan last week. He was inspirational and a great speaker. The way he lives his life, and how he began to live his life this way was amazing. He promotes himself and has an amazing way of doing it via his website and other ways.

Valenti goes about life in a very particular way, living in the moment. He goes wherever his heart takes him and that is a way that most people from America do not know how to live. Many people believe that that is not a safe and secure way to live. People are afraid and fear failure.

After Valenti went through some personal problems such as his mother passing and losing his job, he began to look at life in a different way.  He thrives through struggling and making it to the top.

The way he pushes through all of his battles and goes to the maximum amount to complete all of the tasks he sets his mind to is phenomenal.

Valentí went from the bottom to the top. He believed in himself and built himself up. This inspires me a massive amount because I see myself  falling pretty often, and get very upset about it. The way that he just picked himself up and built a stable foundation for himself is not only impressive but amazing.

Valentí travels the world running marathons. He uses many social media accounts and youtube to spread his word of how people need to keep going.

He fight for survival in certain situations inspires people all over the world.

Not only does he promote on youtube but instagram as well. Valenti built his way up through people believing what he does is the right way to live life. He now has 316,000 followers on instagram due to his fans. He promotes his youtube in his instagram and likewise as well adding more fans from different social medias.

Valentí has been inspiring to many people and will continue to be this way. Listening to him tell his story was a real eye opener. It made me feel more secure and want to change  the way that i go about life. I constantly am nervous and scared that things will not work out but sometimes you need to live in the way that Valentí does and just risk it. I suggest everyone should live their lives the way he does.

His presentation was amazing and he was very laid back and chill about it. I believe everybody should live the way Valenti does because you only live once.


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