Mobile Journalism is the new form of journalism that is quick and effective for people all around the world. Journalism is collecting information and forming it together to create a news story. Mobile Journalism is digitally telling a story. I feel that mobile journalism is more effective in todays day simply because everybody is online and society would rather view things and evidence rather than read a long article in the news paper.

Many professionals run into a story on the go and need to be able to film and report then and there. This is a great way for journalists to productively and actively report the story immediately.

As you can see, instead of Nicholas Garnett having to call a team, a camera man, and others to come help him, he simply does it himself. He carries his own equipment that folds up, brings his cell phone that he would have on him regardless, and hooks himself up to a microphone.

As always there will be some complications, but i’ve learned from reporting mobile before that these conflicts can easily be avoided. When i was in UTTV at my University last year, I would have complications such as the wind messing up the sound on my I Phone, or the lighting not being perfect. This can be difficult to fix alone but it is doable.

Example of bad lighting

This above is an example of bad lighting. It leaves the face uneven and focuses on the unimportant parts of the image or video being taken. This problem could easily be fixed by simply moving the device and focuses until it looks perfect. Even the I Phone gives you the chance to edit lighting and focus while recording.

When being a food critic, mobile journalism is the best way to go. Let’s be real, every restaurant you go to you are not going to lug around a huge camera and all the accessories. Sometimes a simply picture can complete the entire review of the restaurant, (most the time actually).

The Instagram account thisbabeeats simply posts pictures reviewing foods at all the different places she goes and after speaking with her, I have come to realize that most of the images are taken with an I phone. She does have a specific camera but most the time it is not convenient  for her to bring everywhere. In this case, she uses her mobile device to post on her Instagram and keep her followers interested and mouths watering!

Many people can consider this a food critic, but that also leads to a form of reporting and being a journalist in my opinion. Without being able to mobile, being a food journalist would be very difficult especially while traveling and exploring. I am constantly posting about food and restaurants and I thank my I Phone for this!


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