Citizens or Foodies?

In todays day and age, anybody can be a journalist. People are constantly recording, posting, analyzing things that are going on in the world and word spreads quite fast through social media outlets.

Many journalists take to offense at the fact that random people with no degree in journalism can take credit as being a journalist. I personally see it in a different way. Of course a real journalist is more professional and ideal, but citizens can still act as journalists.

When it comes to being a foodie, many citizens take advantage of the role of being a journalist. People love to comment on sites such as trip advisor or yelp and give their feedback as to why people loved their experience, or did not have the best time/meal/service.

These websites let people express themselves and gives other viewers an overall rate that mainly comes from other citizens reporting their experience! This is an efficient way for restaurants to get their name out there in a good or maybe not so great way. Society likes to ask questions and in a way copy eachother. People want to stay connected and do things that they can bond over and relate to. These kinds of websites are great for that.


Of course citizen journalism has always been around, but the use of it has increased so much more. Everywhere you go you see news spreading constantly through everyday people that are just minding their own business and run into something going on, good or bad, and the person ends up posting the video allowing it to go viral and share with the world.

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Social media is a huge exposure of citizen journalism. There are accounts that are posting random stuff about celebrities, their foods, and all sorts of news that travels around the world. Nowadays, especially abroad, people love to post their meals and make food accounts to be a food critic. This type of journalism is most often around the world. All of my friends and I catch ourselves taking more pictures of our food than anything. The way we spread the word is through instagram and snapchat.

I personally like to spread my word through my Instagram stories, and then save them as a highlight. Not only is this for me to remember the restaurants and the best meals, but I get hundreds of responses of people asking me where this is and how is it.

I make a highlight for each place that I visit and post all of my food experiences, and other things that occur on the trip (but mainly food of course).

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