Marketing 2.0 has officially taken over

This week in class we learned all about marketing 2.0. Marketing is going on all around you without you even knowing or noticing it. That is what marketing is for, not to stand out, but to constantly have the image or the logo sitting in the back of your mind.


Marketing 2.0 is the modern day version of marketing. It occurs from the internet era which is where many people are spending most of their time now 

a days. 90% of Americans are online shoppers. When you are scrolling on instagram or facebook, little ads about buying clothes or going to a certain restaurant that is promoting a deal are constantly popping up and drawing people’s attention. As you can see to the left, facebook has picked up on the fact that I am a huge online shopper, and I also am a frequent air bnb user. Facebook is using marketing 2.0 and spreading the word and getting people interested by picking up on my actions, and relating to my interests. 

Viral marketing can go many different ways. My favorite kind of viral marketing ofcourse is the one that benefits you and your friend! Many applications now a days offer you free money when it comes to food, clothes, and things such as money off on rides. This type of marketing doesn’t seem to benefit the company but it always does in the end because it gets people interested in the app and gets them to start using it in the first place.

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Evangelist customers are marketing 2.0s best friend. I run into something on social media atleast once a day of someone promoting hair products, to a certain brand, to clothing brands, all the way to teeth whitening promos. Marketing 2.0 on social media has come such a long way it is actually unbelievable. I have friends that have thousands of followers so companies reach out to them, offering them either free merchandise or a discount to promote their bikinis, or products. Although the company is giving away so much merch, they are making money back by getting their name out there and spreading the word.

Evangelist customers are normally known faces such as celebrities who probably don’t even use the product but since they are so idolized, it drags people in. The whole controversy over Kendyl Jenner promoting proactive got a lot of hate because her most “raw story ever” happened to be that she had acne in middle school. But guess what, Yahoo’s finance article

explains to us that the skin care company grew sales by almost 400%. I personally have been watching the Kardashians show and never seen Kendyl with acne, but I mean hey if you want to  believe it and spend money on the product because the beautiful Kendyl Jenner uses it, go for it!



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