Marta Llibre’s Take on Public Relations

Our last guest speaker Marta was more than inspiring. Many people start off having some idea about where they are going and feel secure about it. Marta decided to turn her life completely around and take a chance starting her own business. She began working and studying at the same time. She had many ups and downs but ended up following her heart and that is the most inspiring part about her.

Marta expertises in public relations. Her presentation was all about the combination of advertising and public relations.

This youtube video simply tells us how the two correlate. You can’t advertise, (atleast in a fashionally order), without having some type of relationship with your buyers and customers. People want to trust other companies and ideas, which stem from how trustworthy their process of  advertising is. 

Marta explains to us that advertising jobs and public relation jobs are actually quite different as well. Public relations is the stem of credibility in a cheaper way, rather than advertising which gives the customer less of a trusting relationship and costs much more to promote.

She throws in this quote from Jean louis Gassée, BeOs founder, in her presentation that really stood out to me and helped me to understand public relations better. “Advertising is saying you are good, PR is getting someone else to say you’re good.” This is a good way to understand public relations because it is indeed all about the trust between the customer, and the person trying to get the person to buy the product. If a consumer does not trust the process and the background of whatever it is that is being sold, that automatically gets the exchange off to a bad start, risking to lose who ever could have had the interest.

If you are walking and you pass a billboard of a divorce lawyer, and all it says is best lawyer in whatever state you are in, would you take the billboard word? If your friend who was recently divorced tells you how close they are with their lawyer, and how helpful, kind and cheap he was, would you trust this lawyer more?

Unlike many people, Marta prefers to look back and reflect rather than focus on the future and not reminisce to put pieces of life together. She follows the quote “You can not connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards” by Steve Jobs. Not many people think this way. Many believe to keep moving forward and never focus on the past. You can tell that Marta is a very observing, genuine and trust worthy public relations worker. She takes pride in her work and gets people interested the hard way, gaining trust, rather than advertising and not putting any heart into her job.  You can even tell my Marta’s tweets and the positivity that generates throughout her social media that she is a hardworking woman who will succeed in the public relations industry. 

If you are interested in public relations and need some inspiration from a fellow professional, Marta is the person to go to!


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