Foodie alert in Italy!

We all know where this one is going.. food post!

Recently I took my second trip to Rome and being Italian, you know I had more than four meals a day. I have visited Italy four times since being abroad and Rome happened to be one of my favorite. The beautiful views, the happy people, the good wine, phenomenal desserts and the PASTA.

I went to Rome my first weekend in Italy. A few weeks later I went back and visited Florence. After Florence i traveled all around Amalfi, and lastly ended up in Rome.. again.

Pasta is hands down my favorite meal always, and of course the most filling. Over the course of being there, many of the true Italians told me I was in the wrong place if I wanted real Italian wine and food, but I begged to differ. Many said Naples and Venice, as well as Florence which i totally agree with. If I had more time studying abroad I would have traveled all of Italy.

If you know me, you know my favorite food stems from a certain pasta that starts with a g and ends in an I, and is a quite complicated word to pronunciate for most people. Yes, it is gnocchi! In Italy I consumed enough Gnocchi to feed a cow. I couldn’t stop myself. Every restaurant, whether it was planned out to go to, or a random lunch spot had the meal on the menu. 

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All of these plates were found in Rome specifically, near the Trevi Fountain. The food around their is phenomenal specifically because it is a huge tourist attraction and wants to drag the people in!

The food in Amalfi was phenomenal as well. Traveling from Capri to Positano to Pompei I got a little taste of everywhere in the Amalfi Coast. My favorite meals were the cute personal pizzas and the awesome paninis (which are really just sandwiches because most of the time they aren’t even heated).

If you want to make a food tour guide prior I definitely recommend viewing this youtube food and adventure guide to give you a great idea of what you’re getting yourself into!

The desserts in Rome were also a huge win. From the canollis to cookies, to gelato and to the random little cakes, nothing was stopping my stomach from having a third course. I had two favorite dessert places that blew my mind.

Don Nino:

The Canollis at Don Nino were absolutely mouth watering. The restaurant had everything from gelato to pastries but my go to was the famous canolli.

Hiromi Cake:

This cake boutique was the best mini cake I have ever tried in my entire life. I am a sucker for strawberry shortcake and this place made it the best.  Not only was the food fabulous, the internal designing and the way they presented the cakes were adorable. The mini boxes that they are held in open up an blossom like a flower. This little cafe is a must.


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